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Entry for gals20in20- Angelina Jolie!
wildcatnaleyfan wrote in falconnaleyfan
Entry for gals20in20- Angelina Jolie

bubbly duplicate flowers girly hair
jewelry main role outside reading tiny text

Category: Emotions
Mad Calm Hurt In Love Happy

5 Artist's Choice
1 2 3 4 5


Please credit wildcatnaleyfan if you use any and comment if you snag =)

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Oh dear, these icons are so beautifuuuul! <3 Gosh, i love them especially #3 of the 'artist's choice' & all of the 'themes' ones! Amazing update! <3 <3 love them...

Wow! Thank you so much! That means a lot =D. I'm glad you like them!!

OMG! This are so beautiful!!!! Snagging them all, will credit of course!!!
Thank you! ♥

Aww! Thanks =D! You're so kind. Your comment made me really happy... haha.

LOVE all....i really like the rading one!

Thank you so much! I slaved over finding one of her reading because, apparently, she doesn't read in public... she just holds books. lol.

Gorgeous icons! I love your coloring and use of soft textures. Really compliments the pictures well. :)

Thank you very much! =D.

And I'm so glad you commented... not just for your lovely comment, but because I snagged your icon one million years ago and forgot to write down whose it was. So now I know! haha.
Thanks again =).

Haha! How handy! I'm glad I commented too. Glad I could help. ;)

And you are quite welcome.

These are nice. Taking a couple, will credit.

Gorgeous icons, especially main role, tiny text, AC1 and AC2 ♥

Thank you so much! =D! That means a lot coming from you! I love your icons!!!
And thanks for specifying which you like!

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