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Entry for gals20in20 - Bethany Joy Galeotti!
wildcatnaleyfan wrote in falconnaleyfan
Entry for gals20in20- Bethany Joy Galeotti



red carpethotblue dressplus one
love/couple”hold me”texturesmilecandid


Artist's Choice


Please credit wildcatnaleyfan if you use any and comment if you snag =)

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Aww, love/couple is adorable and has a great colouring :) I also really like the last one from the alternative category.

Thanks so much!
It really helps when people say which ones they like so thank you for that!

Oh, well done on finishing! I love your AC#5! :D

Good luck and please try to comment on everyon else's! :D

Thank you so much!

And did my best at commenting =).

Love your candid, it so cute, and the coloring is really nice.

I'm here from gals20in20 :) Yayz, you chose Bethany for your claim! I just love her and you icon her really well. Blue & Dress are absolutely amazing and the colorings in your AC set really stand out ♥

You gotta love her! =D!

That means a lot! Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

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